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Get your staff ServSafe Certified now - beat the rush sure to come with new regulations!
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Get your staff ServSafe Certified now - beat the rush sure to come with new regulations!
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Employment Training Fund

SAVE MONEY! 50% tuition assistance may be available if you qualify for the Employment & Training Fund program. To find out and apply call Tom at 235-0797.
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Food Safety Training Classes & Certification, and Food Safety Audits

There are new Food Safety Regulations for Hawaii restaurants that affect your business!

To see the major changes in the Hawaii Food Code click here.




Make sure you know how to earn a GREEN PLACARD!

– call Tom for info, 235-0797

Created by and for the industry, the safe choice is ServSafe©.

The main purposes of ServSafe Food Safety Training is to prevent a food borne illness outbreak, assure that you are in compliance with the most current food safety regulations, and protect your restaurants and managers from legal action in the event of an outbreak. It serves to highlight areas in need of improvement that managers and owners often overlook because of their heavy workloads.

TOBE Co. Food Safety  is one of the only public provider of Food Safety Training in Hawaii that is an approved vendor of the Employment & Training Fund.  That means 50% tuition assistance may be available if you qualify for the program (and most everybody does). That makes your cost just $98.00 for everything – the Manager’s textbook, the riveting class, exam, and certificate (75% or higher on the exam).  Click Here for info and help with the Employment & Training Fund forms.

Just $98.00* per student (EXTRA CHEAP!) for class and Certification Exam with ETF approval (full price, $196.00)

Includes the riveting class, Manager’s textbook, certification exam and certificate (75% or  higher on exam).

TOBE Co. Food Safety does not guarantee any passing grade on any examination. If the attendee does not pass the exam they may attend a class within six (6) months and pay the lower cost of the ‘class with no book needed.’ Or, the attendee may choose not to attend the complete class but must register, be on site, and pay for, the proctored examination on the day of a regularly scheduled class. Or, they can take an online exam – call Tom at 235-0797 for pricing and scheduling.



We also offer the ServSafe Food Handler Program course for non-managerial workers. Click Here for more information.

It’s a great 2 hour class for learning the basics.


ServSafe Classes can be scheduled on every island. On Oahu, they’re usually held the second or third Tuesday of every other month. Outer islands are less frequent. Check our Class Schedule, and call or e-mail for future dates and locations.

Click Here to learn how to register.

This class is designed as a review – the student should read the ServSafe Essentials textbook before class to be familiar with the material.

Click Here to read the Examinee Handbook.  It tells you what your rights and responsibilities are.

We also proctor online exams.  Call Tom at 235-0797 for scheduling and prices.



TOBE Co. Food Safety holds its Ohana to a consistently higher standard than necessary for a green placard.  People we agree to work with want to do the right thing in Food Safety because it’s the right thing.  Members of our Ohana don’t want to make people sick – PERIOD!  During our Food Safety Audits we make recommendations that will help make customers safer, even if it might not be needed to get a green.

Don’t call us if your only motivation is getting a green placard – save your money.  Everybody knows now how easy it is to get a green.  Even if you get a yellow, you have it for only a day, two at the most.  Then back to business as usual.

If you want to do what’s right because it’s the right thing to do, then call Tom for info, 235-0797.




You can’t friend us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.  Our president is a Luddite, we’re lucky to have a working website!

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